2007-2009 Dodge Ram 6.7L

Known for their powerful engines and impressive capabilities, the 2007-2009 Dodge Ram Cummins 6.7L diesel trucks are highly sought-after models. However, these engines are also equipped with restrictive emission components that can hinder performance and cause potential problems down the road. That’s why many owners choose DPFs and EGRs on these trucks.

The DPF traps and collects harmful smut particles from the motor’s exhaust before they are allowed to enter the air. Over time, this filter can become blocked, leading to reduced engine efficiency and fuel economy. The Exhaust Gross Recirculation (EGR) system is also meant to reduce tailpipe emissions by sending a portion of the engine’s exhaust back through the combustion chamber. However, this can cause carbon deposits to build up and reduce engine efficiency.

By having the DPF and EGR components removed and programming the engine computer with a delete tune, owners can see significant improvements in engine performance, including increased horsepower and torque, improved fuel economy and reduced turbo lag. In addition, removing these components will help extend the useful life of the engine and reduce the likelihood of costly repairs down the road.

However, with the addition of a DPF and EGR, the full potential of the 2007-2009 Dodge Ram Cummins 6.7L diesel engine can be realized, providing owners with the performance and efficiency they desire.