DPF Delete Pipes

Installing a DPF Delete Pipe is one option to consider if you’re trying to upgrade your truck’s performance. DPF and sometimes the CAT (Catalyst) from your truck exhaust.

There are a few different types of DPF delete pipes, including straight pipes and replacement pipes. Straight Tubes replace the DPFs and Cats by simple straight tubes, while Replacement Tubes mimic the factory exhaust system without the DPFs and Cats.

One benefit of using a DPF delete pipe is improved engine performance. DPFs and CATs may restrict exhaust gas flow, reducing power and torque. By removing these components, your engine can breathe more freely and produce more power.

Another benefit is improved fuel economy. The DPF and CAT can also cause your engine to work harder, which can result in lower fuel economy. Removing them can help your engine run more efficiently, which can lead to better gas mileage.

DPF purge tubes can also help with emissions compliance. While removing the DPF and CAT technically makes your truck noncompliant, many DPF delete pipes are designed to work with tuning systems that help your truck pass emissions tests.

Some popular tuning systems include the H&S Mini Maxx tuner, which is designed specifically for Ford Powerstroke engines. The H&S Mini Maxx can be used to unlock your truck’s full potential with improved horsepower and torque, better fuel economy, and diagnostic code monitoring.

Other popular tuning systems include those designed for Cummins and Duramax engines, such as the LML. These tuning systems can help optimize your truck’s performance and keep it running reliably for years to come.

In general, if you’re looking for a way to improve your truck’s performance, installing a DPF delete pipe is worth considering. Whether you choose a straight pipe or a replacement pipe, be sure to invest in a reliable tuning system to get the most out of your truck.