Diamondback Wildwood Men’s Sport Bike Reviewed

Diamondback Wildwood Classic Men’s Sport Comfort Bike (with 26-Inch Wheels)

The Diamondback Wildwood Sport Bike is not “just another” bicycle. Its large wheels, sturdy frame and smooth ride really does give this sports bike a character all its own.

It is hard for any bike to look sturdy and solid while maintaining sleek lines and a stylish appearance, but the Diamondback Wildwood Sport Bike seems to have found a formula that works – and the customer reviews over at the amazon website seem to love the result.

You know that bike riding is great exercise, and a fun activity to share with friends or family – but this unique bike has more to offer than just good times and great health. Let us peek inside the box, and see what we find there…

Main Features of the Diamondback Wildwood Sport Bike

  • Designed for comfort
  • Heat-tempered aluminum frame
  • 50mm comfort suspension fork
  • Promax linear braking system
  • 7-speed “twist” shift levers
  • Comfortable soft foam saddle with support springs
  • Smooth gear shifting mechanism
  • Chain Guard
  • Comfort handle grips

All of this adds up to a lightweight bicycle that is both easy to ride and to handle. The Diamondback Wildwood Sport Bike comes with rugged 26-inch wheels that should take as much punishment as you can throw at them.

Unless you understand bicycles well, it is probably meaningless for us to toss about terms like “Shimano components” or “Mega Range gearing” but the customers over at amazon do seem to know their bikes well – and they give the Diamondback Wildwood Sport Bike very high marks indeed.

What Customers Say about the Diamondback Wildwood Sport Bike

The customer reviews at the amazon site give this product 4.1 out of five stars possible. Of 13 total reviews, only two of these fell below three stars. This means that the Diamondback Wildwood Sport Bike has proven itself an impressive product, even in the hands of those who know such bikes well.

The word “comfort” permeates this products design, its promotional materials and the customer reviews. There is no doubt that this bike prides itself as big on comfort and, apparently, earlier customers find the product actually to be as comfortable as the product designers hoped it would be.

Biking is a way of life for some, and great exercise for those of us who are only able to manage the occasional outing. The Diamondback Wildwood Sport Bike seems a hit with both types.

If you have trouble motivating yourself to ride, perhaps owning a lightweight, quality bicycle that boasts strong customer reviews will help to tip the balance and get you out into the world again. It’s still there, it is beautiful, and it is yours.

Have fun!

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