Best first cars for new and young drivers in 2019

Once you get your driving licence you’ll start looking for your first car; even if you’ve only just got your provisional licence you may be looking at a car, whether it’s to help you learn in or for when you pass your driving test.

However, it’s not easy choosing a new car to buy, and you’ll need to consider what will be good for insurance purposes and of course what type of fuel the car should have. Of course with the big diesel crisis it’s a harder decision, and getting it wrong could mean you won’t be able to drive in city centres in the future.

Avoid a Car with a Reputation of Drivers that Enjoy Speeding

This piece of advice is mainly for those concerned with the price of their Young Driver insurance. In fact, as a new or young driver, driving a fast car isn’t recommended. Whilst you will have passed your practical test, your driving skills still have a long way to go and you will find it easier to improve them in a more sensible car.

However, there are some cars that may not have a high top speed but yet are still seen as ‘boy racer’ cars by insurers and if you are looking to keep the price of your Young Driver insurance down, it would be best to avoid them for a first or new car.

Is Diesel the Right Fuel Option for You?

For a long time diesel was lauded as the best fuel option for drivers who often drive long journeys and do high mileage. However, with the recent diesel scandals there’s been a big question in the motor industry as to whether diesel is the way to go.

There have been bans proposed for diesel cars entering city centres, with some bans already coming into effect in well-known cities around Europe. With that in my mind, diesel may not be the way to go, especially as most young drivers take out low-mileage Young Driver Black Box insurance, and therefore would not see the benefits of a diesel car.

Is Petrol the best Fuel Type for a Young Driver’s First Car?

With the above mentioned pitfalls of diesel cars, maybe a petrol car will be the best option for you as a young driver? Many modern petrol engines can be just as efficient as some diesel engines, that’s especially true for small cars like the ones young drivers are likely to be driving and insuring as their first car.

It may very well be the best option for you, after all, how frustrating would it be having passed your test, bought a diesel car and obtained Young Driver insurance, to then be restricted on where you can take your new car? It may be similar to taking out a Young Driver insurance policy and then be restricted by the mileage, so make sure you buy plenty of miles to cover all the driving you think you may want to do.

Should Your First Car be a New Car?

Many young drivers buy their first car at the ripe old age of just 17-years-old, and if you plan on keeping your car for quite a while, you should seriously consider buying new, especially considering the diesel ban could eventually be extended to older petrol cars.

Of course, a new car can be a big expense, but having a brand new car could actually benefit you when it comes to taking out a Young Driver insurance policy, as some Young Driver insurers could assume you will be more careful as the car is new and potentially worth more.


Choosing your first car can be a daunting process, but hopefully you’re now a bit more clued up on what type of fuel to choose and to avoid cars that are associated with people who enjoy speeding.

As a young driver looking to buy a new car or their first car, you should be putting the cost of insurance at the forefront of your mind as choosing the wrong car for your first car could mean a huge Young Driver insurance premium.